The FoodMeUp company

Agility, from theory to practice at FoodMeUp

What is agility in the software world? Let's review its fundamental concepts (theory) and how we practice it at FoodMeUp

Sébastien Vassaux08/28/2020

FoodMeUp is finally lean

How FoodMeUp has become lean or how we efficiently focus our efforts thanks to a quality product process

Sébastien Vassaux03/16/2020

The effective scrum: FoodMeUp makes sprints and succeeds them

Comment FoodMeUp a réussi à comprendre le scrum pour rendre le développement logiciel efficace

Sébastien Vassaux03/15/2020

7 readings to save yourself from first-time entrepreneurial mistakes

Discover the 7 readings that helped me take up the challenges of the entrepreneurial adventure, for which various studies did not entirely prepare me.

Sébastien Vassaux03/15/2020

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