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Manage your operations simply, optimize your profitability and save time!

Discover the features of FoodMeUp and how you can easily manage your operations, optimize your profitability and save time!


Digitize your ingredient price list

Quick item creation

Quickly create ingredient data with a dynamic interface element. Start with the most important information with the option to add further detail (units, purchase and sale information, etc.) later on
You can also create multiple ingredients (up to 50) at once!

Variable item weights

Certain items automatically undergo an initial transformation stage (such as peeling) that results in a loss of material.
Record this loss and FoodMeUp automatically calculates the net weight and deduces the impact in terms of profitability and quantity to order to meet your production needs.

Customized management units

Create custom measurement units for purchases, production and sales to stay on top of your business processes (e.g. a 50kg 'sack' of flour, a 10L 'vat' of milk, a 'box' of 10 x 500g 'sachets', etc.).

Multiple suppliers and purchase costs

Compare the costs of your different suppliers and differentiate between the delivery or packaging unit and the unit used to define the purchase cost. E.g. milk is delivered in packs of 6 bottles and the cost is expressed per litre.

Automatic margin calculation

FoodMeUp automatically calculates the cost of your sales unit then the price margin (or margin rate) and the multiplying coefficient depending on the sales price including VAT and the rate of VAT.

Custom categories

Fill in item and recipe categories allowing you to classify, organize and filter your items and recipes

Recipe data sheets

Create data sheets for recipes and manage your production

Portioning management

With fixed portioning, the weight of the portion is calculated automatically. With a fixed weight, the number of servings per recipe is calculated automatically.

Unlimited nesting of sub-recipes

Capitalize on the recipes you create and re-use them in other recipes.
You can put a recipe in a recipe in a recipe... For example, a chocolate eclaire contains chocolate pastry cream, which contains pastry cream, which contains ingredients.

Weight variation and loss management

Enter gross/net percentage variations and the nature of this variation (loss or gain) to manage your margins more accurately.
If your sauce reduces during cooking, it costs more. If your pasta swells as it cooks, a given amount of cooked pasta requires less raw material.

Steps in the production process

Quickly obtain precise and comprehensive information from your data sheets to facilitate teamwork and avoid missing important information.

Profit margins and multiple prices

FoodMeUp automatically calculates the cost of your sales units then the price margin (or margin rate) and the multiplying coefficient depending on the sales price including VAT and the VAT amount.
Identify any discrepancies between your dishes and the actions to be taken to adjust your margins: adjusting prices or proportions of ingredients or even negotiating better prices.

Production notes

Get production notes corresponding to your recipes multiplied by the anticipated production quantities to facilitate work in the kitchen.
Merge equivalent sub-recipes and share this information with the kitchen on a tablet, optimized printed document or PDF.

Supplier orders

Easily prepare, send and check your orders

Automatic shopping list

Convert a list of recipe data sheets – with quantities and units – into a shopping list of items to order in just one click

One-click ordering

Easily transform a list of tens or hundreds of items to order in as many orders-in-progress as there are suppliers involved. Adjust, then send.

Manual orders

Orders can be prepared manually or from a pre-saved list.

Packaging management

Round up the quantities from your recipes into whole multiples of your suppliers' packaging units with one click. E.g. if your recipes require a total of 13.4 blocks of butter, round to 14 blocks.

Send orders by email

Send orders as desired. Print the order, export it in a standard Excel format or send it directly from the interface to the supplier by email.
The option of sending orders by SMS and WhatsApp is planned.

Track according to status

For more accurate management, orders in progress can be edited, orders sent make it possible to accelerate the delivery process, and orders are stored in a useful history for analysis.
Upon receipt, stock levels are automatically increased by the corresponding order quantities.

Multiple suppliers

You can set and prioritize multiple suppliers, packaging solutions and purchase costs for your stock items. The highest priority is set as default and will be used for costing and automatic ordering and you can come back to it on a case-by-case basis.

Supplier contact details

Centralize your suppliers’ contact information to simplify the work of your teams.
The contact details of your suppliers appear on the purchase order form and their email addresses can be used for automatic sending.

Stock and inventories

Destock and restock your products automatically

Stock levels

Handle your stock your way with one-click actions: increase them on receipt of an order, deduct them from orders in preparation and decrease them once the corresponding items have gone into production.

Inventory valuation

Define the quantity in stock for each product and obtain the corresponding value automatically.
Monitor changes in the total value of the stock to avoid tying up too much cash in excess stock.

Running down your production stock

Decrease your stock quickly by listing what you have sold in the form of recipes.
You will soon be able to import sales from the cash register software and reconcile the two very easily.


Generate your inventory report to send to your accountant so they can analyze your stock-keeping and send you recommendations. Make reconciling your balance sheet easier.


The benefits don't end there...


Your data remains your exclusive property. It is protected and you set the level of access that each member of your team has.


Our users praise our ergonomic design for its simplicity and light touch. You will love FoodMeUp!


FoodMeUp adapts to the way your business works, not the other way around. The kitchen is your business, the technology is ours!


We will support you from day 1 and remain available to assist you at any time. You will never feel lost.

User rights

Easily invite your colleagues by email. They will receive individual access permissions which you can configure and revoke.

Multiple sites

Connect multiple point of sales o productions sites to a single interface and leverage standardized data and operations across your whole business