Manage your recipe data sheets

How to calculate the margin of a recipe?

Margin calculation is an essential indicator of the profitability of your revenue and allows you to determine the profit it generates.

Sébastien Vassaux02/03/2020

Search for a recipe

Search for a recipe: input, sorting and filters

Sébastien Vassaux01/21/2020

How to generate a production order?

Is your recipe ready to be produced? You can now convert your data sheet into a "Production order".

Sébastien Vassaux01/19/2020

What is a recipe?

Introduction to the management of recipe data sheets

Cladie Olivier01/18/2020

How to edit a recipe data sheet?

Editing a recipe: adding or modifying information

Cladie Olivier01/18/2020

How do I create a recipe data sheet?

Steps and tips for creating recipes

Cladie Olivier01/09/2020

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