First steps with FoodMeUp

How to do multiple actions (deletion, etc.)

Learn how to master multiple actions that allow a few clicks to manage a large amount of data.

Sébastien Vassaux01/13/2021

Freely manipulate data with selections

Discover the multiple selections, which allow you to create production models, sales models or more generally to manipulate all your data very easily!

Sébastien Vassaux01/09/2021

What is a context of unity?

A unit always fits into a given context: focus on the contexts in which a unit is bought, produced and sold.

Cladie Olivier05/27/2020

How to create a unit?

Create a packaging, production or sales unit.

Hind Andaloussi05/26/2020

What is the unit system?

Much of FoodMeUp's potential is based on its unit management system.

Cladie Olivier05/25/2020

Conversion of units

How FoodMeUp performs unit conversions to calculate the right quantities and costs

Sébastien Vassaux05/24/2020

How to set up supplier information

Setting up your supplier information allows you to list all the partners you work with.

Cladie Olivier01/08/2020

Set up item and recipe categories

The item and recipe categories allow you to easily filter and find one or more items/recipes in your lists.

Cladie Olivier01/07/2020

How do I invite a user to my organization?

Invite new collaborators into your organization and understand the notion of "user role".

Cladie Olivier01/06/2020

How and why set up your profile?

Set up your profile and that of your organization

Cladie Olivier01/05/2020

Are you new to FoodMeUp?

Discover how FoodMeUp can help you manage your food production!

Sébastien Vassaux12/31/2019

A quick start

Easy typing
Step by step guide


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