Optimize the management of your

+10% margin and dozens of working hours saved each month with the leading management app for catering professionals


Improve your productivity and your bottom line

Secure your data

Forget paper and Excel; centralize and secure your data, share it with colleagues and access it any time

Optimize your profitability

Get instant calculations of costs and margins so you can take corrective measures on unprofitable products

Save time

Organize work in the kitchen with production notes, place your orders in a few clicks, manage your stock by counting sales, etc.

The interface

Finally a modern tool for managing your culinary back office!


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« I'm always on the lookout for solutions that allow me to focus on the job. Thank you FoodMeUp! »
Nina Metayer
Best pastry chef 2016 and 2017


Digitize your ingredient price list
Reference all the information relating to your items (images, suppliers, costs, allergens, etc.) and handle this data freely and simply.
Main features

Waste and loss management

Multiple suppliers and purchase costs


Customization of management units


Manage your production: recipe data sheets
Create recipes that reflect the realities of the profession and without repeating data by using sub-recipes. Collaborate with your colleagues and speed up work in the kitchen. Get automatic costings to optimize your margins.
You can also break down your recipes into a list of ingredients to order or easily generate a table of allergens.
Main features

Calculate price margins

Sub-recipe management

Export allergen tables

Print production notes

Supplier orders

Easily prepare, send and check your orders
Generate a list of items to order directly from a selection of recipe data sheets and their quantities and production units.
Transform your requests/supplies notes into supplier orders, send orders directly from the interface and identify delivery errors by comparing them with your original saved request.
Main features

Automatic shopping list

Packaging management

Send by email

Delivery tracking

Inventory management

Destock and restock your products automatically
Combine awareness of your inventory levels across the various app screens to make informed decisions. Automatically increase your inventories of items received and easily reduce them based on sales of finished products.
Monitor your stock levels and manage excess stock to free up cash.
Main features

Inventory valuation

Automatic post-production destock

Exporting inventories

Automatic restock after receipt


The benefits don't end there...


Your data remains your exclusive property. It is protected and you set the level of access that each member of your team has.


Our users praise our ergonomic design for its simplicity and light touch. You will love FoodMeUp!


FoodMeUp adapts to the way your business works, not the other way around. The kitchen is your business, the technology is ours!


We will support you from day 1 and remain available to assist you at any time. You will never feel lost.

User rights

Easily invite your colleagues by email. They will receive individual access permissions which you can configure and revoke.


The interface communicates with our servers via APIs. We are working on making them public to give you absolute control over your data and our services.