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Mother's Day: 5 tips to boost your restaurant's sales?

Each event is a new opportunity to distinguish yourself. For Mother's Day, compose a special menu, adapt your decoration, modify your playlist, advertise yourself, plan your attendance!

Sébastien Vassaux03/15/2020

The last Sunday in May is fast approaching, and with it Mother's Day! This is a special weekend when the crowds are usually high: your restaurant will attract many families and potentially new customers. That's why it's important to pay special attention to your offer.

FoodMeUp is helping you today to prepare your restaurant for this occasion and put mothers in the spotlight for a weekend!

Compose a special menu

A great classic: the “Mother's Day” menu. Generally, restaurateurs offer one or two starter-main-dessert menus dedicated to the occasion. This helps give your customers an overview of your kitchen as well as the products you offer. A successful Mother's Day menu is a great way to keep occasional customers coming back!

You will therefore have to put yourself in the shoes of families. Which menu will appeal to both the person making the reservation and their mother?

When it comes to the composition of your menu, there are many options available to you. The goal is to emphasize the festive aspect of the day: be creative and change from what you usually offer. Mother's Day can increase your weekend turnover by up to 20%! In fact,   your customers' propensity to pay increases considerably on special occasions.

Adapt your decoration

To show that your restaurant is taking part in a special event, it is good to change your decoration at least slightly. This has the advantage of creating a different atmosphere. What customers look for in a restaurant for Mother's Day is a happy, family atmosphere. A  cocoon . This atmosphere will justify the increase in your prices.

Of course, you can't radically transform your restaurant. So see what you can change for two or three days, keeping in mind that your investment in decoration should not exceed your forecast turnover for the weekend.

Your change of decoration may concern tablecloths and table runners, napkins, flowers, candles or even wall decoration.

Some sites such as  and  offer nice decorations at affordable prices.

Edit your playlist

Music also contributes to  the ambiance of your restaurant . Do you usually broadcast it? For Mother's Day, consider it! Favor a simple, relaxing and friendly background sound. You could tune in to a Mother's Day playlist (like  this one  or  this one ). Do not hesitate to look for them on the different platforms like  Youtube , Deezer ,  Spotify ...

At the very least, these can give you some inspiration to create your own playlist.

Menu Optimization

Calculation of costs, identification of the best dishes, profitability analyses... everything to increase your efficiency!
Optimize your menu

Do you advertise

Social networks are a very good medium to promote Mother's Day in your restaurant.

First, make sure you  communicate your party menu in advance . First, it will remind many of your fans / followers of the event who forgot about it. Finally, a good publication will make them want to book with you.

If your restaurant is not full,  Facebook  can also be a good tool to boost your reservations , with typical messages such as "We only have a few tables left for Mother's Day Sunday!" Make your reservation quickly;) ”.

Shortly before D-Day, you will be able to share a photo of your transformed restaurant / your team on the alert / your Mother's Day dishes. You show your subscribers that your restaurant marks the event, and at the same time broadcast a friendly and dynamic image of your establishment!

Plan your surplus activity

This may seem obvious to you by observing your reservation book, but don't skimp on the staff: your service must be as fluid and efficient as always!

Likewise, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, you will need to forecast your sales levels.

With FoodMeUp, you can easily program your menu and the quantities you expect. Our solution automatically generates the list of your purchases, taking your stocks into account.

If you plan to serve around 55 chicken curries with coconut milk on Saturday, FoodMeUp will determine that your need will be 32 chicken fillets, 2200 grams of curry, 11 kilograms of coconut milk… And the software will automatically calculate your cost price!

Photo © Roman Kraft on Unsplash