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Better manage your restaurant: 6 themes to explore

Do you own or plan to open a restaurant? Explore 6 themes to learn as much as you can and optimize your business.

Sébastien Vassaux04/01/2020

Do you own or plan to open a restaurant? Explore 6 themes to learn as much as you can and optimize your business.

1. Restaurant incubators

One of the best opportunities is to turn to restaurant support specialists.

Discover  the Frégate , an incubator created by tiller systems which has supported dozens of creation projects and which provides you with a network of more than 60 experts.

For more structured but paid training, discover  Services Compris , a 4-month program once a year.

Emergence Concept  will support you from incubation to duplication. The program adapts to your needs.

More references? Discover the 9 selections of  Les Echos .

2. Optimizing your menu / menu

A restaurant is often summed up on its menu, its menu. You have to work it carefully while ensuring your profitability.

To do this, discover the  15 ways to optimize the profitability of your menu.

You can also call on a culinary consultant like  Christophe Marotel  or  Patrice Patoux  who will give you advice drawn from his experience. Also discover  Inspi Fast Food  if you are creating a fast food concept or even  Neo Engineering .

3. Technical sheets, supplier orders and stocks

Develop calibrated recipes with  kitchen technical sheets , easily generate production slips , place orders with your suppliers or even manage your stocks.

This will help you:

  • facilitate the sharing of your knowledge;
  • optimize your ratios;
  • win time.

Discover our FoodMeUp tool to optimize the  management of your restaurant .

Restaurant management

Dynamic data sheets, control over your stocks and supplier orders
Optimize your management

4. Health management (PMS / HACCP)

Choose a tool to optimize your PMS or HACCP process such as  hygiene e-pack ,  traqfood , or  octopus .

Discover other legal aspects on  this article .

5. Modern restaurant cash register software

It is central in the management of your business from the moment you have a physical point of sale. Caterers or online concepts such as dark kitchens can make do with FoodMeUp.

The cash register software will be used to organize your seating plan, send orders to the kitchen, collect payments, connect to modern payment tools at the table or online, etc.

There are more than 60 POS dedicated to catering in France. We recommend the most agile and modern of them, for example  Zelty ,  Popina ,  Tiller ,  Addition ,  SimpleOrder ,  InnovOrder , etc.

6. The restaurant's online presence

Today it is essential to ensure a good online presence to facilitate the research of your prospects.

To support you from start to finish, look on the side of  Zenchef  who will save you the commission from  La Fourchette .

To control your presence on social networks like Facebook or Instagram, or to benefit from the aura of influencers, call on  Hemblem .

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