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Ratatool plagiarized FoodMeUp

Ratatool plagiarized FoodMeUp, in its content and functionality.The field of tech is sometimes merciless and unscrupulous actors appropriate the work of others.

Published on 03/20/2021Sébastien Vassaux

Learn about the different elements of the plagiarism to make an informed decision about your equipment

Ratatool offers, like FoodMeUp, a tool for managing recipe and production data sheets.

Ratatool, however, has a very low technical maturity and produces in comparison with FoodMeUp.

All the following elements are the subject of a bailiff's report which proves their veracity. You can contact us for a copy.

Ratatool plagiarized the content of FoodMeUp

By having taken over a large part of our content, Ratatool captures a significant part of the traffic that interests FoodMeUp, and deceives its users by appropriating the fruit of our work: our R&D.

The following links direct to articles from which content has been stolen.

Content of FoodMeUp






Ratatool plagiarized the FoodMeUp interface

Besides our content, Ratatool plagiarized many of FoodMeUp's interface elements.

In particular, Ratatool has repeatedly taken design elements shortly after their release with the proximity of the dates further indicating the fraud.

The following interface elements have been copied by Ratatool from the FoodMeUp interface:

  • the main sections of the application
  • round action buttons
  • the multiple ingredient creation screen
  • many sentences and words placed exactly as on the FoodMeUp interface

Help FoodMeUp by exposing the plagiarism of Ratatool

Unfortunately, we have already exploited the legal route by putting the founder of Ratatool on notice to stop his plagiarism activity and remove the offending content.

Faced with his refusal, all that remains is to file a lawsuit that would take at least two years and cost $30k.

You can denounce the plagiarizm to the culprit, Khaled Abedi, founder of Ratatool.

The FoodMeUp team prefers to devote its time and money to improving its product, and if it is copied it is a guarantee of quality.