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Using Snapchat to attract new customers to your restaurant

In France, Snapshat has more than 8 million active daily users, the majority of which are young people between 13 and 25 years old. Discover how to seduce these famous "millennials" that companies around the world covet.

Cladie Olivier03/15/2020

The Snapchat phenomenon must not have escaped you. In France, the application has more than 8 million active daily users, the majority of whom are young people between 13 and 25 years old. These famous "millennials" are coveted by companies around the world.

What are the reasons for this craze, and how can you take advantage of it to develop your marketing actions for the under-25 target group?

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Let's start from the basics: what can this application be used for?

Snapchat is a service for sharing ephemeral photos and videos between friends. Indeed, you only have the right to a few seconds of consultation before the content disappears for good. This difference may seem minimal compared to other applications of its kind, but it allows you to share moments of life with more spontaneity, without fear of ridicule, or that an embarrassing image will find you in the future. The numbers below speak for themselves:

If you covet those under 25, this is a channel that will speak to them for sure, and that will cost almost nothing!

6 ways to integrate Snapchat into your marketing strategy

1. You have a SnapChat account for your restaurant: let people know!

Like all social networks, you need to have as many friends as possible to make Snapchat interesting for you. To develop your audience, the first way is to spread the word on your website and on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. But it is not always enough.

Fortunately, the application has devised a fun way to share your account: all profile images are also QRcodes:

To add someone, all you have to do is take a photo of their avatar, and you're done. Snapchat even offers a printable format to display in your restaurant.

To print your  QRcode , go to the Snapchat site, log in and download your snapcode.

Your customers will be notified when they arrive in your restaurant and can easily add you.

2. Master the art of storytelling

The Snapchat Story allows you to share your photos and videos for 24 hours to all of your contacts.

The opportunity for you to share more personal content than on traditional media. A good idea may be to take a behind-the-scenes look at your restaurant, filming your employees at work or while relaxing. This allows you to create emotional proximity with your customers, and therefore to develop their loyalty to your establishment.

Also film your events and broadcast them in your story. Your customers will get an idea of ​​the ambiance of your restaurant.

3. Snap secret codes

In terms of marketing, we often come back to old recipes that have shown their effectiveness: promotional codes. With SnapChat you will be able to do it in a personal and original way.

Our advice: snap promotional secret codes by offering small advantages (free delivery costs, desserts or drinks…) to those who have taken a screenshot. The ephemeral nature of these codes will create a sense of urgency, and will entice your customers to come even if they did not intend to.

In addition, targeting benefits to a certain segment of your customer base will make them feel like they are getting special treatment. They will have the feeling of being VIPs: this is an opportunity to retain your customer base.

Optimal management

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Optimize your management

4. Turn your customers into an ambassador for your restaurant

Have your customers sneak inside your restaurant in exchange for a small gift, like a free appetizer or small dessert. They will have to provide you with proof of this by showing the snap in question in their story. This snap must contain the name of your restaurant and why not the proposed offer. One way to take advantage of the virality of this platform.

Snapchat continues to grow and now offers Geofilters on demand. You will soon be able to create your own geolocated filter (your logo for example), which your customers can use around your restaurant. Many cities and large companies use this service, it will be accessible for small companies from 5 €. The price will depend mainly on the duration of activity and the size of the perimeter of your filter.

This on-demand service is not yet available in France but is coming soon! So be patient ...

5. Ride the “Food porn” trend

We have all witnessed this scene: a barely served customer who spends 10 minutes looking for the best angle to photograph his plate, even if it is cold ... Do not ask yourself why: this is the trend of "Food Porn"!

Instagram has made it a success, so why not you! The principle is to create the most attractive image to share on social networks. Now that you've created and promoted your Snapchat account, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Make your fans salivate by sending them the most beautiful photos of your dish of the day, or of a cocktail just before leaving the offices. Guaranteed effect 🙂

6. Listen to your customers

You know, if your customers have something to say about their experience in your restaurant, they will not hesitate to do so on the internet. In this case, it would be better for it to be “one to one” on Snapchat, rather than on public platforms like Yelp or Google…

By focusing your efforts on promoting Snapchat, you will create a privileged communication channel between you and your customers. Take the time to respond to them even if their opinion is critical. This allows you to defuse the crisis by talking, and then to make improvements on your service or your card. If you have positive comments, you can even ask to share them on the internet.

Snapchat allows you to create proximity with your customers, to share real experiences instantly. Still few restaurants use Snapchat, see the opportunity to stand out and surf this phenomenon.

Here is our advice to be on top of communication. To be at the forefront of restaurant management, test FoodMeUp for free. Automatically calculate the profitability of your formulas, generate purchase orders from your production forecasts and more!

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