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The top 7 HR software for your future restaurant!

Are you opening a restaurant? Discover the 7 best HR software for your future restaurant.

Sébastien Vassaux08/23/2020

Are you planning to open your own restaurant? You need to recruit staff but don't know where to start? Perhaps the use of an HR software could help you in your steps.

Recruitment problems due to staggered schedules, often intensive work pace and general lack of recognition ... The catering sector faces a real recruitment problem . With a fairly large turnover, it is also increasingly important to put in place tools and processes to ensure the well-being of your employees.

Here is our selection of the 4 best HR software for your restaurant:

1. Welcome To The Jungle - The Trendy Job Board

For Welcome To The Jungle , the recruiting world is similar to that of the jungle! Whether it is to recruit people who correspond to your desires, or to find a job in which you will flourish, it is a real obstacle course.

Don't panic, WTTJ has the answer to your problem. Thanks to the creation of an exclusive profile (portrait videos, presentation texts, offers), your candidates will be able to project themselves before applying. You will therefore be able to find candidates more in line with your expectations and your values.

Many restaurants, such as Bao Family or BioBurger, already use Welcome To The Jungle to recruit their employees.

Opening a restaurant

Profitability calculation for your business plan, preparation of your card, global management to start with confidence...
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2. Supermood - Take the pulse of your team

Evaluate the engagement of your teams, give your employees a voice, and boost their engagement with Supermood . Each week, your employees receive a personalized survey (30 seconds maximum response time), making it possible to quantify the commitment of your employees and to regularly keep an eye on the results of your company as a whole.

Supermood also offers a feature to ask your employees for feedback, in order to find levers for improvement and engagement of your team 

3. Lucca - Automate your administrative and HR processes

Thanks to FoodMeUp, you can finally do without your old Excel files to create and log your recipe data sheets. Imagine that Lucca started from the same postulate. Fed up with Excel files to manage your internal processes.

Monitoring of working hours, leaves and absences, dematerialized payslips ... Lucca offers 8 management software dedicated to a specific need to allow you to efficiently manage your administrative and HR processes .

4. Snapshift - Plan the work of your teams in just a few clicks

Thanks to Snapshift , you are able to easily plan the work of your teams , respecting your CCN and the type of contract of your employees. Also connect your schedules to notify your teams in real time.

Snapshift also allows you to track your productivity rate as well as your payroll ratio to monitor your productivity live.

5. Extracadabra - Recruit your extra staff and permanent contracts

For your recruitments in the hotel and catering industry, Extracadabra is the ideal solution! Do you need a permanent waitress or an extra cook for tonight? Select a profile according to their experiences in the dining room, bar or kitchen, with the assurance of only finding verified profiles . Then browse through the recommendations to choose the right person for your needs. Extracadabra is the assurance of finding staff in just a few clicks.

6. Brigad - The community of freelancers in the restaurant business

Nothing is more stressful for a restaurateur than having to face a gunshot with a small team. Two young entrepreneurs understood this well and therefore chose to launch Brigad, a solution that allows you to recruit extras ... by SMS! Forget the time spent browsing profiles by asking yourself which candidate would be best suited to meet your needs. Brigad's algorithm selects a person who, according to several criteria (around twenty), will be the most suitable. Brigad's database has over 4000 profiles looking for extra jobs.

7. Skello - Optimize your personnel management

What Skello promises is enough to make many restaurateurs dream: optimize your staff management to free up your schedule and allow you to focus on what really adds value.

Skello has many advantages for restaurateurs. The application allows you to create weekly schedules by integrating different parameters relating to your employees' contracts. You can also generate the payslips for your employees via the integration of your accounting software. Finally, each of your employees have a personal space on which you can communicate with them.

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