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Can I create an account for free?

Creating an account on FoodMeUp allows you to use the application and start benefiting from the 7-day free trial of the solution.

Hind Andaloussi01/05/2020

Yes, registration to the solution is free. Creating an account on FoodMeUp allows you to take advantage of the 7-day free trial to discover the features and become familiar with the application.

Creating your account requires just a few clicks: 

Visit our site

You can then:

1. Enter your email address and a password, then the rest of your contact details

2. Validate your account via the email received at the address provided

Once your email has been validated, you can log in and access your personal space on FoodMeUp. 

The trial period gives you the opportunity to  take advantage of all the features of FoodMeUp, free of charge, for 7 days . To extend the experience, it is necessary to take out the FoodMeUp subscription before the end of this period.

The information entered in the site registration block can be modified later in the categories of your “ Administration menu ”  (top right)