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Who is FoodMeUp for?

A digital solution for all professionals in the food service industry

Sébastien Vassaux01/02/2020

FoodMeUp is a digital solution aimed at all professions in the food service sector, whose objective is the good management of the division and the results for which the person is responsible.

  • Restaurant managers  who are under strong economic pressure and need simple tools to better control their profitability and communicate effectively with their kitchen staff.
  • The chefs  who are asked to be innovative in the creation of their recipes while keeping control of production costs.
  • Operational managers  in the food industry who mainly manage their production using unsuitable tools, offering a poor user experience.
  • Independent caterers and bakers  who wish to take advantage of all the opportunities of the developments in their profession today.
  • Catering consultants  who need to share item and recipe information anytime, anywhere.