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Knowledge: ingredients and recipes
Dynamic ingredient price list
Recipe data sheets
Up to 200
Sub-recipe management
Allergen calculation
Nutritional information calculation (INCO labeling)
Food composition calculation (INCO labeling)
Operations: production, orders, stocks
Inventory management
Manual orders
Automatic ordering from recipes
Send orders by email
Production schedule
Multiple production / sales templates
Enter a modern world
API access
Export in pdf, xls, csv, json
Performance analysis workshop
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Project implementation manager

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to enter my bank card details for a free trial?

No, the trial is free and without obligation. You are free to trial everything for 7 days or even longer if you have not exceeded 30 items and 10 recipes.

What makes your solution better than the competition?

Our solution is the most ergonomic on the market and the only one that allows you to plan recipes while remaining in tune with the latest developments in your profession.

Do I have to subscribe for several months?

Subscription is optional. If you pay for an entire year, we will reduce the total cost of the subscription for a year.


What is holding you back?
I don't have time to invest in it yet.
I just use Excel – that’s enough for me.
My suppliers are not set up for digital business.
I already know how profitable my business is.
I don't want to share my recipe data


The benefits don't end there...


Your data remains your exclusive property. It is protected and you set the level of access that each member of your team has.


Our users praise our ergonomic design for its simplicity and light touch. You will love FoodMeUp!


FoodMeUp adapts to the way your business works, not the other way around. The kitchen is your business, the technology is ours!


We will support you from day 1 and remain available to assist you at any time. You will never feel lost.

User rights

Easily invite your colleagues by email. They will receive individual access permissions which you can configure and revoke.


The interface communicates with our servers via APIs. We are working on making them public to give you absolute control over your data and our services.