Let's reinvent kitchen management

FoodMeUp is the first online tool which lets you create dynamic recipes to steer your production, your stocks and your supplies

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Why use FoodMeUp ?


    Forget Microsoft Word and Excel that were not made for recipes and orders


    Send orders in one clic. Spend less time on management and more time in the kitchen


    No need for calculators, FoodMeUp analyses and optimizes your costs and your cash

Organize your recipes

FoodMeUp's interface is designed to make recipe creation and management simple and efficient

Your recipes, mixtures and ingredients become dynamic, interconnected and can all be managed in the same place

Recipe tree Dynamic update

Manage your production with ease

FoodMeUp assists you with control of your stocks, orders and even setting up tasks in your production schedule

Production schedule Automatic orders
FoodMeUp Planning
FoodMeUp Planning

Exploit your data with an API

Use all of the power of FoodMeUp in your own environment

Feed connected objects with structured recipe data

Enrich the presentation of your recipes on your own website

Connected objects Personal website

And much more!

Collaborative work, conversion of units of measurement, printing of multiple data sheets, inventory valuation, automatic orders...

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Professionals in the food industry are saying

Dominique Descamps
Director of EBP

« My production director saves one day every week on inventory and order tasks. Everything is managed automatically from recipe production plannings »

Charbel Chaya
Shop manager

« I discovered that my pricing was illogical: my profit margin was diving on slow moving products, the ones the clients are the most attached to. And of course, FoodMeUp took care of all the calculations »

Émilie Fabre
Production manager

« I print everydays technical sheets straight from production plannings in just one click. I don't have to manipulate Excel files anymore and all of the quantities are automatically adjusted »

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