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How do I invite a user to my organization?

Invite new collaborators into your organization and understand the notion of "user role".

Cladie Olivier01/06/2020

Inviting new users allows you to collaborate on recipe creation in an organized and secure manner. This requires assigning a specific role to each of its collaborators.

Invite a user to their organization

  1. Click on the “ Users ” icon in the “ Administration menu ” (initials or a photo at the bottom left)
  2. Click on “ Invite a user ”
  3. Fill in all the requested fields
  4. Assign the specific "administrator or" user "role to the new member
  5. Click on “ Validate ”

The recipient must open the email and click on the redirect link to confirm their invitation. For security, they are advised to change the password communicated when creating their account. 

Note that the user to whom you grant the right to modify users could exclude you from the organization. So make sure you choose the rights you grant to new users.

The different "user roles" on FoodMeUp

A role is a combination of rights (read / edit / delete) associated with all of the application's functionalities. The distinction of different roles makes it possible to organize the responsibilities of its collaborators within an organization.

2 different roles on FoodMeUp:

The “User” role 

The user role gives access to the entire functional scope of FoodMeUp while applying restrictions on the administration of the organization to which it belongs. The user has a simple right to consult the list of users and does not have access to information relating to the subscription taken out by his organization.

The “Administrator” role 

The administrator role gives access to the entire functional scope of FoodMeUp. In addition, the administrator can edit the information relating to his subscription, the profile of his organization and can invite new users to FoodMeUp.

Set up item and recipe categories

The item and recipe categories allow you to easily filter and find one or more items/recipes in your lists.